My Advocacy and volunteer work is extremely important to me. Channelling my passion, working alongside so many others, in making sure voices (with their preferred communication method) are heard, listened to and acted upon. 

I can often be found, contacting organisations, media outlets, professionals and so on, asking them to enter into a dialogue so that may better understand what it means to be Autistic, and to reframe their very possibly outdated viewpoints and knowledge. We need these new advocates to join us on our journey forwards.

I help to run a support group for PDAers and their families across the South West. Not only listening to and being alongside individuals, but also fighting to ensure our voices are heard, that Pathological Demand Avoidance is better understood and more support and information available for all.

I'm honoured to be part of the amazing neurodiverse team at Aucademy, an Autistic led  "home for Autistic learning and the education of non-autistic people about Autistic experience" Here I upload videos about my personal Autistic journey, I co present on broadcasts, and co-present on the Podcast, "Especially Interesting" where Neurodivergent individuals discuss what they are passionate about, to info dump about their favourite subjects.

Teaming up with PDA Dad UK, we have a fascinating Vodcast, Across the Neurodivide, exploring both our journeys in Neurotypical and Neurodivergent families and environments.

I also extremely active within my own County, often networking with other groups and organisations. Attending meetings with local authorities, health, care and education. 

I also run the Facebook page for the National Autistic Society Cornwall Branch, the largest NAS Facebook branch page in the UK.

I'm also honoured to be often invited to deliver talks, upon Podcasts, Facebook lives, family events and for other organisations globally.


Image Descriptions: 

Image links to podcasts, Especially Interesting, two drawn male faces upon a dark blue background, and Across the Neurodivide, photograph of two male faces, white background and multi coloured swirling image.

Image link to Aucademy webpage, Aucademy and infinity symbol in gold letters upon a dark blue background.

Two images showing a group of individuals by water, various ages, with myself dressed as the Disney Tigger character. 

Image of myself, bald, mid fifties, wearing glasses, in a back garden with bicycle wheel upon a fence. 


Mind The Gap
Bridging the Neurodivide CIC

Tigger Pritchard
Neurodivergent Advocate, Consultant and Trainer
Makaton Regional Tutor